TeffDogg (teffdogg) wrote in omahaforsale,

Local Omaha eBay Nintendo Games Save 25 Percent Slightly Chewed

Dang my cat keeps munching on my 8-bit carts so I guess I gotta sell them and buy cat food.

Click on Timmy to go to my eBay listings, currently 9 classic NES games, starting at under a buck each, many still with reasonable buy-it-nows available.

I want you to win because you live in Omaha and therefore I won't have to go to the post office. Free shipping (as in local pickup) plus 25% off your total as a thank you for sparing me the bubblewrapping. You can pay with PayPal or cash. We can meet someplace well-lit, (coffee shop?) for safety. You don't want to come to my house?
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