TeffDogg (teffdogg) wrote in omahaforsale,

SOLD! 1959 Wurlitzer Sideman - The First Drum Machine - AS-IS - $30

Edit: It has been SOLD, thanks for looking!

Wurlitzer made these from 1959 to 1965. The first commercial drum machine. A 75 lb. monstrosity full of wires, speakers, switches, glowing tubes and spinning wheels. Plays several beats, and lets you play each sound individually as well. This one mostly works, but has some problems, thus the low price.

Problem 1: The "Bass Drum" sound has a hum in it that overpowers the other sounds. I found that taping down the bass drum button stops the hum, but also stops the bass drum.

Problem 2: The main "start/stop" switch didn't work, so I opened the case and just taped an exposed relay together so it would run. (Maybe a burnt out coil on that relay?)

If those two problems were fixed I think it would be a nice working instrument. As it is it's an interesting piece of music history. $30 - Local buyers only please.

Here's a couple links to more info and pics on this beast:



Please email me at jdteffer@cox.net if you're interested in it!
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