TeffDogg (teffdogg) wrote in omahaforsale,

Sweet Ghetto Blaster Boombox with Built-In Turntable! (eBay)

Well, this community is not going anywhere fast, so how about a new category of things allowed here? Things that are for sale on eBay that offer local free pickup in Omaha? I'll add it to the community rules unless anyone thinks of a reason why it's a terrible idea.

Anyway, what I've got on eBay is a JVC Boombox with a built in record player. It works great (except for the pause and music search on the tape deck) and you are going to have a hard time fining one of these beasts anywhere, especially locally, saving yourself the huge eBay shipping fees.

I want this to go to someone local, I'm not looking forward to packing/shipping it, so I'll give you a 10% discount off your winning bid if you can do a local boombox-handoff. See, living in Omaha has it's advantages!

Click the picture to go to the auction, thanks!
Tags: boom box, boombox, for sale, ghetto blaster, ghettoblaster, record player, turntable
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