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Omaha For Sale!

But Who's Buying?

Buy, sell, trade, and give away the Big O
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Here's a place to post stuff you are selling, giving away, or looking for. Just a couple rules:

1. Keep it local - This community is for Omaha, NE and surrounding areas. If we wanted to buy stupid junk from around the world we would be looking on eBay.

2. Keep it legal - Please don't sell pirated CDs/movies/software, weapons of mass destruction, drugs, human body parts, your own body, or anything else naughty here.

3. Keep it clean - If you're posting large, (over 450 pixels wide) or multiple, or not-safe-for-work images, or very long descriptions, put that stuff behind an LJ cut. (Instructions here.)

4. Keep it friendly - You'll attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. I don't know what you want with all those flies, in fact I think that's kind of nasty, but in the spirit of rule #4 I'm not gonna be a jerk about it.

5. Keep it in your pants - No one will ever love me, so I don't want to see any of your "SWF seeking SWM for romantic dinners and racquetball" stuff. This is not a dating community. If you happen to meet the love of your life while selling your Betamax VCR that's okay, but if you're just looking to hook up, try somewhere else, like THE ENTIRE REST OF LJ for starters.

6. Keep us out of it - We (the maintainers, creators, moderators, and decorators of this community) can't be responsible if you get ripped off (or worse) by another community member. Remember, buyer beware: if something seems too good to be true, it just might be. If you don't want weirdoes coming to your house to buy your stuff, arrange to meet in a well lit place with a lot of people around, like the mall food court. And while you're there, why not enjoy some of Arby's delicious SIDEKICKERS®! Mozzarella Sticks, Jalapeno Bites®, or Onion Petals, with your choice of Marinara, Tangy Southwest, or Bronco Berry Sauce® - They're Arby-lightful!

I think that's all. You can handle that, right?

Additional resources:

Local LJ Communities:

omaha_lj - General Omaha community
omaha_whatever - Another general Omaha community, but with an in-your-face attitude
nebraskans - General Nebraska community
meetupomaha - Find friends, lovers, or just people to dress up as Star Trek characters with
omahacollegiate - I would assume this is about drinking or something

Try this LJ interest search for "Omaha" to find a bunch more.

Other local classified sites:

craigslist Omaha - The famous San Francisco site finally has an Omaha section
Omaha World-Herald Classifieds - Omaha's biggest, baddest, newspaper
Omaha Freecycle - a Yahoo! Group with 2500 members where you can post things you're giving away for free, or things you are looking for but don't want to pay money for

If there's anything else you think should be on this info page, or if you have any other concerns about the community, let me (teffdogg) know!