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FREE: Three Apple Laser Printers for parts or repair - Midtown

I have three Apple LaserWriter laser printers and a bunch of used
toner carts taking up space in my garage. They are old, "obsolete",
dirty, and not working that great (one not at all) but maybe you can
fix them up? Here's the rundown on each:

LaserWriter 4/600 PS - This small printer is newer and served me well
for a couple of years and then just stopped working all together one
day a year or two ago, not sure what's wrong. Uses a standard Apple
round serial port or "AppleTalk" connection.

Personal LaserWriter NTR - This one is pretty old. I have a couple
different toner carts for it, last I checked (year or two ago) some
would make it print, but faintly, and some would just jam it up. Has
Apple Serial, PC serial, and PC parallel ports.

LaserWriter PRO 630 - This is a serious printer, with all kinds of
ports, most importantly an AUI (or is it AAUI?) network port. With a
small cheap AAUI to Ethernet adapter you can put it on your home
network and print from several computers. I had it set up this way up
until a few weeks ago when it started printing faintly and cloudily.
It might just need new toner but I don't know.

I'm going to start by offering these only to someone who will take
them all. I want my garage back! If no one is that brave I'll let them
go individually. Please reply to jdteffer@cox.net with your phone
number so I can get these out of here ASAP!


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