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SOLD! - 1986 Apple Macintosh, Much More, Almost Like New - Midtown - $86

Edit: it has been SOLD, thanks for your interest!

Here's a treat for you or the special Apple dork in your life: 1986 Mac 512KE (The third Mac, after the original 128K and the 512K) with original apple-logo power cord, keyboard, mouse, boot disk, tutorial disk with synchronized audio cassette tape to listen while you learn, sampler disk, manual, registration card:

01 Vintage Apple Macintosh 512K Enhanced

Also included is all the software you'll ever need, Macwrite and Macpaint, for all your word processing and painting needs! They both fit on one double density floppy disk, and also include a tutorial disk and manuals:

02 MacWrite and MacPaint 03 WYSIWYG

And if you're not really the floppy disk type, also included is an external 20 MB hard drive that matches the mac and sits underneath it. The drive comes with a driver disk (not needed for this mac or newer, just for 128K or 512K), apple logo power cord, and some documentation. Only 3 MB are used, leaving you with 17MB to do with what you please!

04 Hard Drive Stacked 05 Get Info on Hard Drive 20

This Mac will turn 21 years old this year, and it is still in great working shape. It originally sold for $2000 (That's over $3000 figuring in 20 years of inflation) and that doesn't even include the hard drive, which I think cost at least a grand, maybe more than the computer itself! From the front this looks exactly like the original 1984 Mac, it would be a great addition to your computer museum. And I think the best part is the manuals, such cool design, amazing vintage photos. This is who Mac users were in '86?

06 Mac Manual 07 Mac Manual 08 Mac Manual 09 Mac Manual 10 Mac Manual 11 Mac Manual 12 MacPaint Manual 13 MacPaint Manual 14 MacPaint Manual
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